Tuesday, August 13, 2013

ATMega128 and Nokia 1202 LCD

Nokia 1202/1203/1280 LCD is small, cheap and easy to interface with. It has 12 pins (face side, pins up from the left to the right):
  1. NC
  2. RESET
  3. CS
  4. GND
  5. SDA
  6. SCL
  7. VDD 3.3 V
  8. VDD 3.3 V
  9. GND
  10. LED- (GND)
  11. LED+ 3.3 V
  12. NC
Connecting Nokia 1202 LCD to ATMega128:
There are many various library implementations for this display, you may download one of them here (Nokia 1100 LCD library updated to work with Nokia 1202 display by Chiper http://digitalchip.ru/):


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